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They’re Human Too at Tulane University

by | Apr 29, 2022

By Kandace Landreneau, College Director, Louisiana Right to Life

On Wednesday, we brought our “We’re Human Too” Pro-Life Expo to Tulane. Tulane University is one of my favorite schools to go to because I always know it’s going to get the most attention on that campus.

Many people seem Tulane as “hopeless” when it comes to the pro-life message, but I feel it’s the exact place we should be.

You might be surprised to learn that there were more pro-life Tulane students who came up and talked to us than there were pro-life students at Northwestern State University. It’s hard to believe, but it’s real. Where it is “darkest” the light shines the brightest.

The pro-life student group is one of the bravest groups of students in the state. I never have to beg or convince them to do something bold on campus. They’re always all for it and they are fearless! They know what they believe, and they also know they have just as much of a right to say it at Tulane as the pro-choice group has a right to speak. Their boldness encourages me more than any other campus.

Our expo was packed all day long and we deliberately set up a “free speech” board where students could come up and write whatever they thought on the board. This allowed everyone to have an outlet to speak and for us to start conversations. It worked beautifully.

The activism didn’t stop when I took the expo down and went back to Shreveport. For the last two days I’ve had over 100 Tulane students texting me, continuing the conversation. Some are texting me to vent, but others are texting and calling me to have real, serious conversations about abortion. I respect that and admire their willingness to talk.

I had a 15 minute phone conversation with a pro-choice Tulane student that was one of the most productive conversations of the whole trip. She called me and said “I saw the expo and wanted to follow up. I respect that you came, I just don’t understand why you want to take the choice and right away from women.”

During our calm and back and forth I explained to her that if the unborn is not a human life, then abortion is totally fine, but since we know that the unborn IS a human life, then we have a serious problem.

We’re killing innocent human life every day and we have to deal with that. No one should have the choice or right to kill the defenseless. Our conversation ended cordially and it’s students like that who give me hope, because she was willing to talk and challenge her own ideas.

People often think that going to campuses like Tulane is just going to induce screaming matches, and that has never been the case when we’ve been there. Students get angry, sure, but what I always walk away with is know that we had dozens and dozens of great conversations with pro-choice students who were given the truth and now have to think about it. Our prayer and hope is that they never forget what they saw, many for the first time.

I can’t wait to go back to Tulane; I can’t wait to get to the rest of Louisiana’s colleges. Thank you for your continual support of our campus outreaches.

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