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Who’d have guessed? Pro-abortion Kate Smith, formerly of CBS News,  joins Planned Parenthood

by | Apr 26, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

When Kate Smith quit her job at CBS News last year, this stenographer for the Abortion Industry famously tweeted that she could finally be “candid about my own opinions on reproductive rights.” 

“Candid”?  Short of hiring a skywriter, her pro-abortion sympathies couldn’t have been clearer.

Below is her Instagram post from July 15, 2021:

“Now that I’m not a reporter I can be candid about my own opinions on reproductive rights. I’ll say this: With or without Roe v Wade access to abortion is disappearing across the South and Midwest for low income women. And it’s happening more or less under the radar.”

(“Under the radar”? Who is kidding whom? “Reporters” like Smith have been howling about this for years.)

In announcing Monday that she was accepting a job with Planned Parenthood “as its first ever senior director of news content,” she was simply following the inevitable arc of her career.

“Thrilled to be joining Planned Parenthood full-time on this exciting new project. Much, much more to come. Stay tuned!” gushed Ms. Smith.

Valerie Richardson, a veteran reporter for the Washington Times, quoted both critics and supporters of Smith’s work and her choice of where she landed. Among the supporters were, of course, fellow employees of the Abortion Industry.

Those cheering the move included Brandon Richards, communications director of Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California.

“Huge congrats Kate!!!” he tweeted in all capital letters. “This is so awesome and welcome to the PP team!”

Melanie Roussell Newman, Planned Parenthood senior vice president, tweeted: “So excited about this news, and so proud to welcome @byKateSmith to the @PPFA team!”

When she quit, Smith airmailed that she was disappointed in her colleagues ‘s lack of faith in the abortion cause:

It’s a pivotal moment for abortion rights, and one that deserves a lot of coverage and our attention. Editors, I know there’s reader and viewer fatigue when it seems like the millionth six-week ban. But it still major news and ought to be covered.

So, just to point out the obvious. Why would there be “reader and viewer fatigue when it seems like the millionth six-week ban” unless there were like a million stories on this ban and every other piece of pro-life legislation? There’s been no shortage of abortion talking points masked as news “stories.”

And, of course, a year ago, the Supreme Court had not yet heard the case out of Mississippi, a ban on abortion after the 15th week!

I concluded my comments last year with this:

“We’ll see Smith’s byline soon enough. There are plenty of openings for someone who parrots the Planned Parenthood line.”

Well, I’ll be darned.

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