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Woman talks to her two babies before aborting them

by | Apr 13, 2022

By Sarah Terzo

A woman who had three abortions describes saying goodbye to two of her preborn children. She says of her first aborted baby:

“I was young and much more centered on myself and my life circumstances than on the baby. I was not really in contact with this baby.”

Later on, she had two more abortions, 18 months apart. She says:

“I was able to go inside myself and have an intimate relationship with these two babies. I was older, wiser, and able to focus on the meaning of these two close experiences…

Actually, I felt I was talking to the same being both times. I felt gratitude because he/they accompanied me during difficult times. I never felt I was doing them harm.

Just before the abortion for each of them, I asked the lady who showed me the ultrasound screen to give me five minutes alone with the baby, before the intervention. I spoke to each of them in a fluid, soft manner, more like saying, “Thank you, see you later…”

With the second, I said, “I guess I didn’t really get it the first time. You had to come back for me to realize fully that I had to leave this man. And I promise you I will do it.”

It was so clear for me that these two children had not come to me saying, “Let me be born.”…

These babies helped me, and I acted on what they helped me with. I honored them. And they had a tremendous healing effect on the guilt and angst which I carried a long time during and after my first abortion. I realized that I had not understood the meaning of this first baby’s presence in my life. I was incapable of going inside myself and relating to that baby.

I was able to recognize the last two babies as beings who were my equals, partners in learning. The ultrasound screen conversations were a way of recognizing the relationship, expressing my gratitude.”

Claudette Nantel, “Conscious Abortion: Engaging the Fetus in a Compassionate Dialogue” Journal of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health 35 (2) Summer 2021, pp. 14 – 15

This post-abortive woman believes that her babies existed to teach her life lessons and that they weren’t meant to be born. In reality, she chose to violently kill them through dismemberment. 

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