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“The Matter of Life” is at your theatres for just two days

by | May 16, 2022

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation 

Tracy Robinson has quite a story to tell.

“I was a ‘pro-choice’ Christian,” Robinson says. “Actually, I never gave myself that label. In fact, I didn’t give the ethics of abortion much thought. If I ever had to describe my point of view, it would have been ‘personally pro-life.’ In other words, ‘I don’t want to force my beliefs onto others.”

But the communications professional, who has worked as an editor on a number of documentaries, began making promotional videos for a pregnancy resource center. One day, the center’s staff invited her to a presentation entitled “The Case Against Abortion Choice.” After that talk, Robinson “was convinced of the full humanity of the unborn child and finally understood the truth about abortion.”

As a result, Robinson decided to produce a documentary entitled, “The Matter of Life.” The film, which is in theaters May 16th and 17th only, won the Sanctity of Life Award from the Christian Worldview Film Festival for 2021. The movie is quite comprehensive, examining many different aspects of the pro-life movement, from adoption to advocacy. 

If you are in the need for a Night Out, why not contact some friends and go to the theater to see this enlightening film? Please note: the documentary does contain some graphic images, but the visuals are prefaced with a warning, allowing you time to look away from the screen. It should also be noted that I found the film to be ultimately uplifting, offering hope and healing to our troubled world. 

The documentary also made me want to redouble my efforts to assist pregnant women in need. Pregnancy resource centers can always use donations—it is best to check with your local center to find out what items are in short supply. Whether you donate diapers or onesies, wipes or maternity clothes, your contributions can be vitally important in the lives of pregnant women and their families.

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