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Father of Aborted Baby Carries “Tremendous Guilt”

by | May 11, 2022

By Sarah Terzo

A man named Zach wrote:

“When my girlfriend told me she was pregnant, I knew the baby was mine. I knew I’d take care of it. I loved her. I wanted to marry her. I would have raised the child alone, if that’s what she wanted.

But it was her choice. I told her I’d help her with whatever she decided. She said she was having an abortion and that was it.

I didn’t feel good about it, but I was determined to support her decision… I wanted our relationship to last. I thought having the abortion like she wanted would help.

But we were both changed afterward. I tried to keep us together. I tried so hard. But things kept getting worse until we finally broke it off after two years.

My girlfriend and I were occasional users before the abortion but afterward things got so out of control. My ex-girlfriend is still messed up. She’s usually wasted. I’ve tried to help her and talk to her about how the abortion is affecting her, but it only makes things worse…

I carry tremendous guilt about this. I don’t know if I can forgive myself.”

From After Abortion Stories: How Abortion Changes You (no author listed, no date).

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