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Mother says in video, “I Could Have Killed You, But I Chose to Let You Live”

by | May 26, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

What could you possible say to a young woman who posts a video of herself on TikTok, cuddling with her newborn baby daughter, with a caption that reads “’I could have killed you but I chose to let you live. I chose to let her live. As in, I had a choice. All women should have a choice’”?

For good measure, she adds, “Motherhood is a choice and it is not for every woman.”

Micaiah Bilger writes, 

At one point, the mother mocks pro-lifers, saying what she thinks their response would be to her comments: “Do you realize what you just said? Killed. I cannot wrap my brain around this.”

The mother answers her mock response by comparing an unborn baby to germs – as if the two are morally equivalent and there is nothing wrong with killing either one.

“When you use hand sanitizer, you kill germs,” she says, attempting to justify her pro-abortion stance.

You wonder what motivates someone to casually say something this awful. And make a video of it? Probably the realization that her video will be shown—over a half-million times thus far—and she will have her 15 minutes of fame.

Micaiah makes a very keen observation:

However, the mother apparently does not believe that aborting an unborn baby actually is killing. Instead, she tells her baby girl that an abortion would have meant she never existed.

“I could have simply chosen to let you not exist,” she says while stroking her daughter’s hair.

Could anyone make such a statement if they had even a glimmer of what happens in an abortion? The child doesn’t go “poof.” She is sucked out, scraped out, vacuumed out, poisoned, and, when she is older, dismembered.

Many people who commented on the video said they were praying for the mother. Indeed, we should. We should also pray that her daughter never grows up to make a video this grotesque about her child.

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