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New Oklahoma law protects unborn children throughout pregnancy

by | May 26, 2022

By Tony Lauinger, State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt

 Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt yesterday signed into law HB 4327, which protects the unborn child in Oklahoma throughout pregnancy, with narrow exceptions.  The law is enforced through civil remedies – lawsuits – rather than criminal penalties.  A growing phenomenon across the country in recent years is the refusal to prosecute certain crimes by district attorneys or others in authority who may be sympathetic to a particular crime.  “Prosecutorial discretion” has been abused from top levels of the federal government to the local courthouse.  Civil remedies avoid that problem.  

HB 4327 “allows private citizens to sue abortion providers or anyone who aids or abets an abortion,” according to The Associated Press.

A woman who has an abortion would not be subject to being sued.  Exceptions to the law include saving the life of the mother, or pregnancies resulting from rape or incest reported to law enforcement.  The law contains an emergency clause, so it became effective yesterday upon being signed by Governor Stitt.

According to news reports, the abortion industry has said it will stop performing abortions in Oklahoma because of HB 4327 and three other pro-life laws enacted during this year’s legislative session.  

Pro-life Oklahomans deeply appreciate our lawmakers’ pro-life values, principled leadership, and dedication to defending the lives of the youngest and most helpless little members of our human family.  In addition to the pro-life laws they have enacted, the educational and inspirational value of their commitment to innocent human life is of great benefit in turning hearts and minds to respect and defend the unborn child.  We are most grateful.

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