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Oklahoma City Archbishop Paul Coakley thanks legislative leaders and Gov. Stitt for supporting pro-life measure that protect unborn child throughout pregnancy

by | May 31, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

On May 25, Gov.  Kevin Stitt signed HB 4327, which protects the unborn child in Oklahoma throughout pregnancy, with narrow exceptions. The law comes as the Supreme Court is weighing Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act. A leaked draft opinion, written by Justice Samuel Alito, calls for Roe v. Wade reversal.

“Pro-life Oklahomans deeply appreciate our lawmakers’ pro-life values, principled leadership, and dedication to defending the lives of the youngest and most helpless little members of our human family,” said Anthony Lauinger, State Chairman of Oklahomans  For Life. “In addition to the pro-life laws they have enacted, the educational and inspirational value of their commitment to innocent human life has great influence in winning hearts and minds to respect and defend the unborn child. We are most grateful.”

Lauinger’s sentiments were echoed by Archbishop Paul Coakley of Oklahoma City. “Building a culture of life in Oklahoma that recognizes the inherent dignity of every person requires the protections afforded by pro-life legislation and a profound change of heart,” Archbishop Coakley said.

“I encourage Oklahomans to pray for women in crisis pregnancy situations, for their families and loved ones, for families waiting to adopt, for fathers, and for the many pregnancy resource centers serving these brave parents. Thank you to Oklahoma’s legislative leaders and to Gov. Stitt for supporting pro-life measures,” he added.

HB 4327passed the House by 76-16 and the Senate 35-10.

Under HB 4327, a private individual may sue an abortionist or other party who aids or abets an illegal abortion. A woman who has an abortion would not be subject to being sued. Exceptions to the law include saving the life of the mother, or pregnancies resulting from rape or incest reported to law enforcement. The law contains an emergency clause, so it became effective immediately Wednesday upon being signed by Gov. Stitt.

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