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Oklahoma’s Pro-Life Legislature Takes Major Steps in Protecting the Unborn Child 

by | May 6, 2022

By Tony Lauinger, State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

It has been a very busy and productive session for the protection of the unborn child at the Oklahoma legislature the past three months. Three critically important bills have become law, and a fourth is poised to become law in the days ahead.

SB 1503, the Oklahoma Heartbeat Act, was signed into law on Tuesday by Governor Kevin Stitt. Under SB 1503, abortions may not be performed after the unborn child’s heartbeat is detectable, generally around the sixth week of pregnancy.

Authored by Senator Julie Daniels and Representative Todd Russ, SB 1503 mirrors the Texas Heartbeat Act, which became law last year. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission reports that abortions in Texas dropped 60% in the first month after their law went into effect.

Already this week, SB 1503 has been challenged by the abortion industry in the Oklahoma Supreme Court, and our state Supreme Court reviewed the law and refused to block it, thereby allowing the law to take effect immediately. The law is enforced through civil remedies – lawsuits – rather than criminal penalties.

SB 1555, the Trigger Law, establishes that at such time as Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor certifies that the U.S. Supreme Court has overruled its Roe v. Wade decision, Oklahoma’s law protecting the lives of unborn children which was in effect prior to the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling will once again be in effect. The Trigger Law was authored by Senate President Pro Tem Greg Treat and House Speaker Charles McCall. Governor Kevin Stitt signed the bill into law on April 29th.

SB 612 prohibits abortion from conception, and is enforced by criminal penalties. The bill is due to take effect in August. The abortion industry has announced that they plan to challenge the law in court. The bill’s authors are Senator Nathan Dahm and Representative Jim Olsen. Governor Stitt signed the bill into law on April 12th.

HB 4327 is anticipated to clear the final legislative hurdle within the next two weeks. It protects the unborn child from conception onward and is enforced through civil remedies – lawsuits – rather than criminal penalties. The authors of the bill are Representative Wendi Stearman and Senator Julie Daniels.

No other state in the nation has a legislature as pro-life as ours here in Oklahoma. The Republican Leadership in the House and Senate are inspiring in the strength of their commitment to defending the sanctity of innocent human life. And no other state has a governor as pro-life as Governor Kevin Stitt, who has signed every pro-life law, or an attorney general as pro-life as Attorney General John O’Connor, who defends our laws in court. 

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