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The lessons from what happened last night in Texas 28 have pro-abortionists on edge

by | May 25, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

Experts with far more knowledge than I do are trying to figure out what a possible Roe reversal would mean for the mid-term elections in November. Pro-abortionists are convinced—or at least they talk a good game—that it would be a cataclysmic event which would energize their base.  Let’s see.

The latest speculation comes today from the Politico Playbook.

Here’s the headline: “A WARNING FOR DEMS EAGER TO RUN ON ABORTION POLITICS.” It is their take on the Texas 28 Congressional District in which, as of this minute, Democrat Henry Cuellar, who has a mixed voting record, leads by 177 votes over his pro-abortion rival, Jessica Cisneros.  Cuellar voted against the Women’s Health Protection Act and campaigned as pro-life.

Here is the nub of their argument:

The fact that the left couldn’t easily dislodge Cuellar following news about the likely overturning of Roe v. Wade in a state filled with Republicans eager to end abortion access could signal a problem for Democrats: Many are eager to run on abortion rights and fears about overturning Roe, but it’s unclear whether their own base is sufficiently motivated by this issue. [Underlining added].

They add, “[T]he demographics of the TX-28 don’t make it the perfect test case on how abortion might play out in the midterms. One thing that some Democratic operatives are worried about is the party figuring out a message that makes the issue a priority for their voters this fall across the country.”

One “demographic” is that Texas-28 is heavily Hispanic. Democrats are keenly aware that the Hispanic community is leaving the party in droves.

Last week, I quoted what the most recent poll tells us:

President Biden’s approval rating among Hispanic Americans has plummeted to 26%, according to a Wednesday poll from Quinnipiac University.

Biden is less popular among Hispanics than any other demographic, including age and gender ,the poll found. The same Quinnipiac poll conducted last year put Hispanic support for Biden at 55%. …

Good—exceedingly good—news for pro-lifers, bad news for pro-abortion Democrats.

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