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Touting the administration’s pro-abortion line said to offer Harris “with an opportunity to recover from early political stumbles”

by | May 13, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

To give you some idea how desperate Democrats and their media allies are for good new, we are to believe that “The threat to Roe v. Wade presents Vice President Kamala Harris with an opportunity to recover from early political stumbles.”

Does she have a traffic record of eloquent pro-abortion speeches? No more than any other run-of-the-mill Democratic. But wait!

Michael D. Shear and Alisha Haridasani Gupta of the New York Times tell us tell us that Harris just had one of those abracadabra moments:

WASHINGTON — With three words last week, Vice President Kamala Harris inserted herself forcefully into the roiling debate over abortion rights — and may have finally seized on an issue that is popular among key Democratic voters, plays to her strengths and is central to the future of her party.

“How dare they?” she demanded.


How dare they protect the littlest Americans? They can defend themselves, right?

How dare they read the Constitution and find nothing about abortion? “Everybody knows” it’s snuggled in among the various penumbras and emanations.

How dare they put in countless hours volunteering at Pregnancy Help Centers? Better these saintly people fold their tents and leave women to the tender mercies of Planned Parenthood.

Shear and Gupta tell us this is a win-win situation for Harris. First

The threat to abortion rights presents Ms. Harris an opportunity to recover from early political stumbles during her first year in office, including becoming entangled in two of the most difficult debates: immigration and voting rights. President Biden deputized Ms. Harris to take the lead on those subjects, both of which are mired in controversy and delay.

Second, “Now, Ms. Harris has a chance to become the voice of the administration on a subject which is complicated for her boss.” President Biden first utter the word “abortion” last week when Justice  Samuel Alito’s draft opinion calling for Roe to be  overturned was leaked to Politico.

Vice President Harris will doubtless lean into her new roll which promises greater visibility and a press corps that will, rather mock her, hang on her every word. 

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