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When People Learn, They Change: ‘Pro-choice’ people see abortion, call it ‘torture’ and ‘cruel’

by | May 9, 2022

By Bridget Sielicki 

For many years, those with a pro-abortion agenda have been successful at downplaying the truth about abortion. From referring to a preborn child as nothing more than a clump of cells, to calling abortion “health care,” to championing a “woman’s right,” the pro-abortion messaging has successfully swayed millions of people into loudly proclaiming that they are “pro-choice.”

However, people’s minds often change when they are confronted with the truth: abortion is a violent procedure, in which the preborn child is either starved to death, ripped apart limb from limb, or lethally injected with a drug to cause cardiac arrest. Live Action’s Abortion Procedures videos have caused everyday Americans to change their minds about abortion once they are educated about the reality of abortion procedures.

“Abortion is torture”

In this first video, a woman says that she is “pro-choice” and that her support of abortion depends on the situation. She does say that the 2,363 abortions committed every day in the United States is too many, but she believes that abortion should be available at all stages because some women are raped.

However, once she sees what an abortion procedure looks like, her attitude changes.

“Abortion is torture,” she says. “Just torture. You’re torturing a living — I mean, I think it’s a living creature.” Once she recognizes what a second-trimester D&E abortion really does (from 13-25 weeks gestation), the woman says that her mind has changed, and she even recommends adoption as an option for a woman who has been raped.

“Cruel, seriously cruel”

In the second video, the man says that he is “pro-choice” and believes the decision to abort a child should be totally up to the mother. After viewing the abortion procedures video, however, he is noticeably moved. When asked for his reaction, he says, “Don’t take life of preborns. It is cruel, seriously cruel. Like, it should not happen.” He goes on to say that he still supports a mother’s choice, but says that all mothers should have the chance to view the abortion procedures video, noting that it should even be screened in all colleges. “It really changed my mind about abortion,” he says.


In the third video, the man says that he definitely supports abortion up until six months, but admits that he isn’t too informed about the differences between the various months of gestation. After watching the abortion procedures video, he responds, “I’m shocked. I wasn’t expecting to get a lesson like that.” He says that he learned a lot about the abortion process, noting that he didn’t realize there were so many risks for the mother associated with abortion.

The people in each of these videos watched the abortion procedures video, in which Dr. Anthony Levitino, a former abortionist, describes in detail what happens during a first, second, and third-trimester abortion.

All of the people in these videos believe that they should be more widely viewed, especially by abortion-minded women. Like so many, they were duped into believing the pro-abortion messaging that downplays the horrors of abortion. Yet when people learn the truth about what abortion really is, hearts and minds begin to change.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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