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Wisconsin Right to Life: A monumental step toward the protection of all human life 

by | May 9, 2022

By Gracie Skogman Wisconsin Right to Life Legislative and PAC director 

Editor’s note. This appeared in the Journal Times.

If the Supreme Court stands by the leaked draft opinion, and does overturn Roe, it will be a monumental step forward towards the protection of all human life.

Unborn lives will be saved from horror of abortion, and women will be empowered to make life affirming decisions. In many states, including Wisconsin, Abortion will be illegal due to a “pre Roe” ban on abortion that remains in state law and will once again be enforceable. 

By returning the decision regarding abortion access to the states, the Supreme Court is righting a decades-long wrong and allowing the American people the ability to act through their elected officials to enact protections for unborn children. In 1973, an all-male Supreme Court made a determination in Roe that overruled countless state laws. 

In the years following the Roe ruling, scientific advancements demonstrate the humanity of unborn children and allow babies born at earlier stages to receive life-saving care. It is past time to overturn this flawed decision, and once again empower states to defend their existing laws, and pass further pro-life protections. 

This is a pivotal moment for the pro-life movement to exemplify the mission of being pro babies, pro women, and pro-life. It is not enough for abortion to be illegal; it must also be unthinkable. Women facing unexpected or challenging pregnancies are in need of resource and support, and the pro-life movement must meet them with compassion and care. 

The pro-life movement has long showed care for both mother and child, through the work of pregnancy resource centers, which offer essential care to women on a free or low cost basis including pregnancy testing; options consultation, medical services, prenatal and parenting education, after-abortion recovery support, referrals for medical care, and countless other services. 

There are more than 2,700 pro-life pregnancy resource centers nationwide, that served over 2 million people in 2019, at a value of $266 million. For every planned parenthood in the United States, there are 20 PRCs. In the state of Wisconsin, there are over 60 pregnancy resource centers, ready and willing to meet women in need with support and resources. They offer a variety of critical services, including ultrasounds, counseling, and educational classes. 

Wisconsin Right To Life offers emergency grants to women in immediate financial distress so they can choose life for their baby, as well as grants to Pregnancy Resource Centers to assist them in providing care to women in need. 

According to Planned Parenthood’s own annual report, roughly 95% of Planned Parenthoods pregnancy resolution services are abortions. In other words, nearly all women who enter the doors of planned parenthood pregnant leave without their unborn child. 

While Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers only offer women one solution, a procedure that ends in the death of their unborn child, pregnancy resource centers meet women with kindness, and support them through a myriad of services. Women deserve far more than the empty promises of abortion providers, who profit off the killing of innocent human life. 

Wisconsin will be a haven for life if Roe is overturned, and the pro-life movement will be ready to continue our efforts to support pregnant women and children in need. Our work will not end.

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