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Woman faces few penalties despite colluding to abort another woman’s child using pills

by | May 23, 2022

By Sarah Terzo

A British woman who lied about being pregnant to obtain the abortion pill with the intention of aborting her lover’s pregnant live-in girlfriend’s child will not face jail time, according to an article in the Derby Telegraph.

Georgia Day called the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, a chain of abortion facilities, claiming to be pregnant and wanting an abortion. BPAS then sent her the abortion pills through the mail without seeing or examining her.

Day was in a sexual relationship with the pregnant woman’s partner. The man had initially wanted the baby but changed his mind. He attempted to persuade his pregnant girlfriend to abort, but she refused. He then contacted multiple female friends, offering them thousands of pounds to lie in order to get the abortion pill, which he intended to use to kill his pregnant girlfriend’s baby against her will.

Day offered to obtain the pill for free. She had no problem convincing the abortion facility to send it to her. She gave it to the man, but before he could follow through with his plot, his pregnant girlfriend found the drug. The live-in girlfriend later gave birth to a healthy baby.

Authorities who examined Day’s phone said she searched the Internet for phrases including “giving abortion pills to someone else,” “man laced pregnant wife’s pills with abortion pills,” and “size of baby at four weeks.” She also searched for whether it was illegal to give someone abortion pills against their knowledge, and whether a doctor could tell the difference between an abortion induced by pill and a natural miscarriage.

Day pleaded guilty to conspiring to procure the physical means to procure a miscarriage. She was found guilty but received a suspended sentence. The man was acquitted and will face no consequences.

Day’s lawyer, Lauren Fisher, said:

[Day’s] mistake was made perhaps out of naivety or without proper consideration of the consequences, not only for the [pregnant woman] but for Miss Day herself…

She did not know [the pregnant woman], she was in a relationship of sorts with [the man]. She initially said no but for reasons that she perhaps cannot now fathom, decided to obtain the pills and give them to him.

Fisher argued that Day shouldn’t go to jail because:

This is a young lady with her whole life ahead of her. The offence is now of some age. She has not troubled the court previously and has not troubled the court since. It was a terrible mistake.

The judge agreed, telling Day, “you are very lucky. Your acts were very foolish, but I accept that they are not ones you are likely to repeat in the future.”

The judge then handed down a suspended sentence, meaning that Day won’t spend any time in jail. Day does have to pay a fine and do community service.

The abortion industry in the US has been relentlessly pushing health officials to allow them to send abortion pills through the mail without ever seeing the woman, examining her, doing a pregnancy test, or doing an ultrasound.

In fact, even the inventor of the abortion pill says this is unsafe.

As we have seen, in this and other cases, when abortion facilities mail abortion pills to anyone who requests them, with no pregnancy verification or screening, partners of pregnant women, can obtain these pills with the intention of forcing their partners to abort against their will.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Live Action News and is reposted with permission.

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