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Abortion Advocates Spreading Scare Tactics With The Overthrow Of Roe

by | Jun 29, 2022

By Nevada Right to Life

After 50 years, Roe v Wade is down in flames. The fight for the unborn is not over, but this was a huge step for our cause and the unborn. 

Now that Roe has been overthrown our opponents are employing scare tactics. We note the following:

1. Women will not go to jail. Abortion researchers know and admit that women did not go to jail and were not prosecuted for abortion prior to Roe. Pro-lifers have always and will still believe that women driven to abortion need compassion. See the letter from more than 70 pro-life organizations “Criminalizing women who have abortion is not pro-life.”  Legislation will focus on the abortionist, not the woman. 

2. There is no nationwide abortion ban.  Abortion will be returned to the states and to Congress.  

3. Women will not die by the thousands from abortion any more than they did prior to Roe or than they do now. It’s “disinformation” to say that thousands of women were dying in the immediate years prior to Roe.  The CDC notes that the number of deaths by illegal abortion prior to Roe was 39. There were 24 from legal abortions. The decline in the mortality among women having abortion was due to antibiotics and advance trauma care, not legalizing abortion.

4. This decision is about Roe and not other issues. The Court is clear that the Dobbs decision is about abortion and not other issues. 

“… we have stated unequivocally that ‘[n]othing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion.’ We have also explained why that is so: rights regarding contraception and same-sex relationships are inherently different from the right to abortion because the latter (as we have stressed) uniquely involves what Roe and Casey termed ‘potential life.'” 

To read about more scare tactics, also see “Responding to 16 pro-choice claims about Dobbs, the pro-life movement and abortion bans” by Secular Pro-Life [].

What about Nevada? Our law states that it will take a statewide initiative vote of the people to change access to abortion in Nevada through all nine months. While we prepare and work for that day, there are other things we can do, like collecting signatures for our parental notification initiative. 

We also need to keep like electing pro-life candidates like to office to help us pass our initiative and to prevent abortion funding, and to keep abortion pills from being mailed in and out of Nevada without a doctor visit, and to give voice to Nevada’s voiceless.

Keep talking about the unborn. Please Read National Right to Life’s “Diary of an Unborn Child

Remind people how radical abortion advocates are. They support abortion on demand throughout pregnancy without apology or exception for any reason.  Governor Steve Sisolak issued a proclamation yesterday that Nevada that would make Nevada an abortion sanctuary state.

Talk about the 2700+ pregnancy resources to help pregnant women.

Thank you everyone for helping make this day happen through your work, prayers, and donations.

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