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Alyssa Milano Rants Biden ‘Must Do More’ on Abortion for Daily Beast

by | Jun 2, 2022

By Wallace White

Just when you think you’ve heard all the leftists whining about the possibility of not being able to kill babies, Alyssa Milano adds yet another horrible take to her portfolio of nonsense in an op-ed published in the Daily Beast on May 31.

The C-list actress and A-list pest added her voice to the choir and directed it at President Biden, saying that he must do “everything in his power to protect our reproductive rights.”

Like nearly all leftist arguments for abortion, she assumes abortion constitutes an entitlement and that taking access away is tantamount to a human rights violation. She makes a ridiculous claim that the “extreme right” is trying to “control and commodify” women and encourages Biden to “grow a pair of ovaries and act.” She thinks that saving a baby’s life is the same thing as making women into chattel. Alarmism is the left’s favorite weapon, and Milano is certainly a frequent user of it.

She appeals to the past American stance on abortion, suggesting that abortion is okay because “abortion was legal in our nation until the late 1800s.” Slavery was also legal. Legality does not constitute the basis for moral claims. It was legal and equally horrible as it is today.

Her reflexive rhetoric continues in her article, with familiar platitudes such as the Supreme Court “on the verge of setting women back more than 150 years.” and “If you think the radical right will stop at abortion, you need to think again.” She employs typical leftist catastrophization tactics. This piece is only meant to do one thing: rile up a mob.

Milano even suggests that Biden railroad the Equal Rights Amendment into the constitution in a desperate attempt to save her right to kill her child, ignoring the fact that women have already been equal to women in the many years following the first introduction of the ERA. This is yet another example of how far the left will go in pursuit of their agenda.

Milano’s op-ed is certainly nothing new, as she’s been shown to be prone to being a firebrand for the liberal agenda. Reason and logic be damned, she is doing what she does best: pontificating to her fellow prelates of leftist dogma.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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