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Doctors deliver, save baby of pregnant woman shot to death in Pennsylvania

by | Jun 8, 2022

Though tragic, the story illustrates the existence of life in the womb before birth.

By Calvin Freiburger 

PHILADELPHIA – A violent tragedy found a silver lining over the weekend as Philadelphia doctors were able to safely deliver the newborn baby of a woman who had been shot to death.

Fox 29 reports that 19-year-old Matayah Haynes was shot in the head sometime before 1:30AM Saturday by an unknown assailant. She was rushed to Temple University Hospital, where she was pronounced dead, but doctors were able to save her baby, who is reportedly in stable but critical condition.

“Witnesses reportedly heard gunshots and saw a car leave the scene, possibly a dark-colored Dodge Charger or Chevy Camaro,” the report says. “No arrests have been made and no weapons recovered.”

NBC Philadelphia adds that Haynes was approximately 34 weeks pregnant. She was pronounced dead at 1:56AM; it is unclear when exactly her baby was delivered.

Had the child died, the laws of 38 states including Pennsylvania would have recognized him or her as a second homicide victim.

Tragic though the story is, it also illustrates the falsity of two of abortion defenders’ most common refrains, that the preborn are not living human beings and that they are merely part of their mothers’ bodies.

Long-settled biological criteria and mainstream medical textbooks establish that a living human being, structurally and genetically distinct from his or her mother, is created upon fertilization and is present throughout the entirety of pregnancy. Many abortionists and abortion defenders have admitted as much; in 2019, University of Chicago Department of Comparative Human Development graduate Steve Jacobs found that 96% of more than 5,500 biologists he surveyed agreed, despite overwhelmingly identifying as “liberal,” “pro-choice,” and Democrats, and a majority identifying as “non-religious.”

Editor’s note. This appeared at LifeSiteNews and is reposted with permission.