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Harvard/Harris poll offers very encouraging results on abortion questions

by | Jun 6, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

No one would ever suspect that abortion polls conducted by Harvard/Harris would be tilted in a pro-life direction. That’s why the results of the latest poll, conducted May 18-19, are a real shocker.

#1. “Plurality of Voters Say abortion should only be permitted in cases of rape or incest.” 43% to be exact. 

Another 27% would allow abortion up until 15 weeks. The case the Supreme Court heard December 1 dealt with Mississippi’s law that banned abortions after the 15th week.

#2. “Do you think that a fetus is viable at...?” A whopping 39% said the child is viable at 6 weeks, paralleling the Heartbeat Law in Texas. An additional 13% said viability begins at 12 weeks. Another 17% said viability begins at 16 weeks.

#3. “In Roe v. Wade the Supreme Court held that women had the right to have an abortion until the first 24 weeks of pregnancy. Do you think the Supreme Court should…?”

35% responded “Repeal Roe v. Wade, entirely leaving abortion laws to the states.”

38% said “Affirm Roe v. Wade as it is.” Of course, as presented, respondents would not know that the only thing preventing abortions from being done up until birth is finding an abortionist with a strong enough stomach. Another 19% said “Make the date to have abortion 15 weeks instead of 24,” a limitation which Roe does not allow.

It really gets interesting now. “If the court rolled back Roe v. Wade entirely leaving all abortion laws to the states would you favor or oppose that change?” Almost exactly even: 49% would favor this reversal, 51% would oppose.

They compare these results to the results of a November 2021. 46% would favor rolling back Roe, 54% opposed—a net gain of 3%.

How much had people heard about Justice Alito’s leaked draft opinion?  “Have you heard or not heard about a recent Supreme Court draft opinion that was publicly leaked which showed the court overturning federal abortion rights granted by Roe vs. Wade and allowing states to decide abortion rights on their own?”

Almost exactly three-quarters (76%) had heard.

And then the politics of the leaked opinion: “Are you more likely to vote Democrat or Republican because of this leak, or will it not make a difference?” 34% said Republican, 32% said Democrat, and 34% said it would make no difference.

Fascinating. The public is much closer to the pro-life opinion than the media would have you believe.

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