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Help Mothers, Don’t Kill Their Children 

by | Jun 9, 2022

By Peter Pinedo, Texas Right to Life

In 2021, during the same session that the media-maligned Texas Heartbeat Act was passed, the Texas Legislature massively increased funding to a statewide program providing aid and resources to women and families in need. Rather than simply just outlawing abortion, Texas focused on saving lives and giving aid and care to Texas women and their children, born and preborn.

The Alternatives to Abortion program (A2A), which was funded at $100 million for the next two years, operates a vast network of pregnancy and family assistance and resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies across the state.

Rather than callously pressuring women to have their children killed through abortion, A2A offers women and families hope by providing critical social services, guidance, and care.

Help mothers, don’t kill their children. That’s how Texas operates. On its face that statement appears plainly uncontroversial. Yet that is a statement bitterly fought over across the nation.

Abortion activists routinely assert that you cannot help a woman without giving her the option of killing her child. For decades the abortion industry has attempted to distract from the destruction of a human life and instead peddle the lie that abortion is nothing more than a matter of personal choice or preference.

But let’s face it. The abortion industry is a multi-BILLION-dollar industry.

We have scientific research and actual pictures that conclude beyond the shadow of a doubt that preborn children in the womb are true human beings. Even still, the abortion industry continues to gaslight the public, sticking to the disproven argument that a preborn child is nothing more than an unfeeling clump of cells.

How can the abortion industry keep telling these lies when mountains of evidence disprove their every claim? The truth is that the abortion industry, including the largest abortion business in the U.S., Planned Parenthood, is concerned about one thing and one thing only… their own profit.

So the abortion industry continues lying to the public, painting themselves as crusaders for “women’s rights” while completely ignoring the rights of preborn women in the womb.

Pretending to be pro-woman, the abortion industry proclaims that Pro-Lifers are “pro-forced-birth” and don’t actually care about helping women or children.

When the Texas Heartbeat Act went into effect and began saving 100 lives a day, the abortion industry shouted how cruel Texas was to women. Yet they overlooked the increased funding to A2A that enabled Texas to offer even more care to women and families in need. Those abortion activists that did acknowledge A2A continued to lie by pretending that pregnancy resource centers are “fake clinics” run by “religious fanatics,” still ignoring the actual care and resources provided.

Now the Supreme Court appears ready to overturn Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision that invalidated laws defending the preborn across the country. The media and leftist politicians have responded with outrage, proclaiming that without access to abortion the nation will be crashed into economic turmoil and that women will be relegated to poverty and hardship.

It’s a familiar tune. Before the Texas Heartbeat Act went into effect, the same media predicted increased widespread poverty and economic downturns in Texas. Yet that didn’t happen. In fact, the Texas economy led the entire nation in surging back from the COVID artificial depression and, as a state, ranked the ninth largest economy of any country in the world.

Texas painted a picture of what a post-Roe world could look like, and in the process proved the media and abortion industry wrong.

While abortion activists bemoan the end of Roe, attack pregnancy resource centers, and threaten apocalyptic pictures of a society without on-demand access to the killing of children through abortion, states like Texas must focus on saving lives and increasing care for women.

In preparing for the next Texas legislative session in 2023, Texas Right to Life has set increasing funding for A2A and other programs to help women and families among our TOP priorities.

When Roe falls and abortion is prohibited in Texas, we must rise to the occasion to offer the support, care, and resources women and families will need to choose Life.

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