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Jezebel’s Fear of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

by | Jun 15, 2022

By Michael Ippolito 

As the tide in the abortion debate turns towards the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Jezebel is upset that countless babies will be saved. How else to explain the fear that women in need will turn to crisis pregnancy centers rather than abortion clinics? 

Jezebel author Kylie Cheung is upset that post-Roe, search engines such as Google will begin to direct people to crisis pregnancy centers instead of the death camps. 

Cheung wasted no time slamming the hard work done at crisis pregnancy centers. “Crisis pregnancy centers are faith-based organizations that lure people struggling with unwanted pregnancies to their premises and aggressively try to dissuade them from having abortions via dangerous disinformation about the health service,” Cheung said, doing some industrial strength disinforming herself. Ironically, she saw abortion clinics as beacons of healthcare, while she describes crisis pregnancy centers as the oppressors of women. 

What upsets Cheung most is Google searches in states with anti-abortion laws are more likely to send women to crisis pregnancy centers. Imran Ahmed, chief executive officer of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, told Cheung that “When people search for information or services relating to their sexual and reproductive health, Google is sending them to sites that users might expect contains robust, scientific, evidence-driven healthcare information,” Ahmed said, “but they contain ideologically driven opinion and misinformation.” Ripped straight from the Left’s playbook, Jezebel calls the work of saving babies disinformation. 

Cheung also claimed crisis pregnancy centers will do what they please with a patient’s information. And of course, Blacks and Native Americans will become vulnerable to potential criminal charges. (Not if Google sends them to crisis pregnancy centers where they decide to bring their babies to term.)

Cheung continued to portray crisis pregnancy centers like they are haunted houses. “Crisis pregnancy centers will operate at the heart of this harrowing reality, using the methods they’ve always used — extensive data collection, targeted ads, misinformation, intimidation, and even stalking,” Cheung wrote. “Because, to be clear, even without the threat of criminalization, crisis pregnancy centers are just terrifying places.” I guess women not choosing to slaughter their children is a dreadful reality for these people. 

Crisis pregnancy centers are some of the best resources for saving babies from the horrors of abortion. Cheung’s anger at Google for sending women to crisis pregnancy centers shows the depravity of supporting abortion.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and reposted with permission.

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