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National Right to Life Endorses O’Connor, Stitt, and Lankford in June 28 Primary, Abortion Industry “Reeling,” says Report

by | Jun 2, 2022

By Tony Lauinger, State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor

The National Right to Life Committee yesterday endorsed John O’Connor for Attorney General, Kevin Stitt for Governor, and James Lankford for U.S. Senate in the Republican Primary Election June 28.

The oldest and largest pro-life organization in the country, National Right to Life is the federation of state pro-life organizations.

The announcement points out that “Oklahoma now has the strongest protections for unborn children and their mothers of any state in the union.”

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias stated: “Thanks in part to the dedication of these three leaders, Oklahoma is a national leader in building a culture of life. Voters concerned about protecting unborn children and their mothers should vote for John O’Connor, Kevin Stitt, and James Lankford.”

In a May 27 article in The Wall Street Journal, “Oklahoma’s New Abortion Ban Leaves Clinics Reeling,” the reporter focused on abortions being halted in our state.

While the abortion industry has said it will stop performing abortions in Oklahoma because of pro-life laws enacted during this year’s legislative session, abortionists, nonetheless, continue challenging the recent pro-life laws, and Oklahoma’s pro-life Attorney General John O’Connor is defending the pro-life laws in court.

Sen. James Lankford

The pro-abortion legal entity which routinely tries to have Oklahoma’s protections for unborn children struck down is the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York. A board member of that group wrote a recent pro-abortion op-ed in the Tulsa World, to which we responded with this letter to the editor.

The voter registration deadline to vote in the June 28 Primary is this Friday, June 3. Only registered Republicans can vote in the Republican Primary. Voting precincts and districts have recently changed because of the 2020 Census. Verification of voter registration status and voting location are important if you’ve not received a new voter identification card in the mail this year. Voter registration changes can be made online using the OK Voter Portal or by completing a Voter Registration Application. Applications are available on the State Election Board website.

Please refer to Candidate Surveys on our website,, for responses of state candidates to our questions about state legislation. And please refer to Votes for the votes of Oklahoma state Senators and House Members on the four crucial pro-life bills that were enacted by the Oklahoma legislature during the session that just ended.

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