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National Right to Life Endorses O’Connor, Stitt, and Lankford in June 28 Primary; Oklahoman candidate-Survey Responses Posted

by | Jun 17, 2022

By Tony Lauinger, State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life

National Right to Life has endorsed John O’Connor for Attorney General, Kevin Stitt for Governor, and James Lankford for U.S. Senate in the Republican Primary Election June 28.

National Right to Life, the largest and oldest pro-life organization in the country, is the federation of pro-life organizations from the 50 states.

“Oklahoma now has the strongest protections for unborn children and their mothers of any state in the union,” the announcement notes. Attorney General John O’Connor has successfully defended these pro-life protections in four separate challenges from the abortion industry before the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

We in Oklahoma are blessed to have the most strongly pro-life Attorney General in the nation in John O’Connor, the most pro-life Governor in Kevin Stitt, and the most pro-life U.S. Senator in James Lankford. 

The unborn children, mothers, and families of our state are the beneficiaries of the devotion to the sanctity of innocent human life of these three exemplary leaders. We thank them for their pro-life values, their courage, and their life-affirming dedication.

Please click Candidate Surveys on our website,, for responses of state candidates to our questions about state legislation. And please click Votes for the voting records of Oklahoma state Senators and Representatives on the four crucial pro-life bills that were enacted by the Oklahoma legislature during the regular session that ended on May 27th.

Candidates for Congress were surveyed by National Right to Life. The positions of U.S. Senate and U.S. House candidates are shown at Candidate Surveys[] immediately following candidates for Statewide offices, state Senate, and state House of Representatives. 

Thank you.

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