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Now, an Embryo Is Mere ‘Pregnancy Tissue’

by | Jun 6, 2022

By Wesley J. Smith

Abortion politics has corrupted medical science. The establishment is so obsessed with promoting abortion that it is apparently willing to subvert scientifically accurate descriptions in the discussion.
For example, get this. Rather than call an embryo an embryo — which is a medical term — an article in JAMA Insights (published by the AMA) has coined a new depersonalizing term for unborn human life destroyed in the womb. From an article on so-called “medical” abortions (my emphasis):

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) first approved a medication abortion regimen in 2000, which consisted of mifepristone (a progesterone antagonist that causes pregnancy tissue to detach from the endometrium) and misoprostol (a prostaglandin that induces cervical softening and uterine contractions)…

Although cramping and bleeding diminish after the pregnancy tissue passes, light cramping is normal for a few days and light bleeding is common for a few weeks…

Retained nonviable pregnancy tissue occurs in less than 3% of cases and can be managed expectantly with repeat misoprostol or with dilation and curettage based on patient preference…

Patients should be evaluated if they have unusually heavy bleeding (soaking >2 pads/h for >2 h in a row), fever more than 24 hours after using misoprostol, recurrence of severe abdominal pain after passage of pregnancy tissue, or persistence of pregnancy symptoms more than 1 week after medication abortion.

Good grief. “Mary, when is your pregnancy tissue due?” Progressive ideology corrupts everything.

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