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Pro-abortion NY Gov. pushes for amendment to “enshrine” abortion in state constitution 

by | Jun 8, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) is so determined to begin the process of adding an amendment to the New York Constitution to protect the  “right” to an abortion that she would not rule out calling an extraordinary session.

Hochul is airing two campaign ads that highlight her push. “The advertising blitz is taking place despite the scheduled legislative session concluding last week without accomplishing that goal,” Joshua Solomon writes. “It remains possible that the governor will summon lawmakers back to the Capitol before an August deadline to pass an amendment and ensure it can reach the ballot box by 2024. If so, it also could be accomplished ahead of the governor’s potential general election race.”

An ad that was first released May 17 said

With so much at stake and Roe v. Wade on the chopping block, governors are the last line of defense to protect abortion and in New York the Republican candidates want to strip it away. But Kathy Hochul won’t let that happen. She’s working to amend the state constitution so that no matter how the Supreme Court rules in Washington, your right to a safe abortion is protected in New York.”

Hochul was Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s choice to be his Lt. Governor. She replaced Cuomo who left under a cloud of allegations of sexual harassment. She is now running on her own. Her rivals are Representative Thomas R. Suozzi of Long Island and Jumaane D. Williams, the New York City public advocate.

In 2019, then-Gov. Cuomo signed into law a bill to allow abortion until birth; it even removes penalties for infanticide.  “The proposition by [state Sen. Liz] Krueger would go a step further by enshrining the law in the state constitution,” Solomon wrote. “New Yorkers are expected to retain their right to an abortion regardless of the outcome in the Supreme Court, which is expected to issue a decision this summer.”

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