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Success stories like the love and compassion found at Women’s Care Center abound at pregnancy resource centers

by | Jun 3, 2022

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

The adorable baby with the blue-striped suspenders gazes up at me from the “Gratitude Report” issued by the Women’s Care Center in York, Pennsylvania.

Accompanying the photo of this photogenic boy is a quote from his mother Catalina.

“I never want Alejandro to feel like I didn’t want him. He has brought so much happiness into the house!”

Alejandro’s story, though quite beautiful, is not unique. Pregnancy care centers such as the one in PA quietly and unobtrusively assist pregnant women and their babies on a daily basis. The PA facility notes that a baby is saved there nearly everyday.

Kacey, mother to Baby Lydia, was 40 years old when she discovered she was pregnant. She was scared and did not know which way to turn, when a friend suggested the Women’s Care Center.

“You made me change my mind about life…and give her a life!

“When I saw her on ultrasound, I was like, ‘Wow, wow! I’m so glad I kept her—there are no words to explain it.”

At the York center, in 2021, 755 women were served and 471 babies were saved—the equivalent of the student body of a small school.

The center also provided 1,804 client visit and 851 ultrasounds—an impressive number by any standard.

The Women’s Care Center in York is just one of 34 Women’s Care Centers around the country. New centers are scheduled to open this year in Naples, Florida and downtown Chicago.

Success stories…like the love and compassion within the centers—abound. Consider the case of Gabrielle, who had already given birth to five children before she stepped into the pregnancy resource center.

“Now, I have Kiara,” Gabrielle said. “And she has brought us such joy. So much joy, my whole family just lives for her.”