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Taking a “we-centered” approach to challenging pregnancies

by | Jun 16, 2022

By Maria V. Gallagher, Legislative Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

In a  discussion with friends, I heard one of my dearest confidants lament the fact that so many people are blinded by pro-abortion ideology. How can people stand for the “right” to abortion, when that policy results in the ending of a sacred life and, quite often, the wounding of a beloved mother?

It struck me in that moment that people are so focused on perceived problems that they fail to recognize, or honor, the person. In other words, they see the challenges before the pregnant woman: lack of emotional and material support, health issues, relationship troubles. But they are not taking into account the humanity of the preborn child: the eyes that have formed, the heart that is beating. And they fail to take into consideration the aftermath of an abortion decision: the fact that a mother is left to grieve the child who is lost.

Problems can often be solved, but people cannot be brought back to life. When we concentrate solely on problems, we miss the divine spark within both mother and child. We need to honor both lives, and suggest solutions that are life-affirming rather than death-dealing.

Ideally, family and friends come to the aid of the pregnant woman and her child, accompanying both of them on their journeys. But when circumstances are not ideal, pregnancy resource centers can fill in the gap, providing support for women so they can make loving decisions for themselves and their families.

Our society needs to take a “we-centered” approach to challenging pregnancies. Mothers must know that there is concrete help available, for both themselves and their preborn children. Our culture must not dismiss the mother as “the other”—someone who must face trying circumstances solely on her own. Rather than looking at the pregnant woman as a stranger, we must welcome her and her child as irreplaceable members of our human family.

A pregnant woman is not a problem to be solved, but a person to be cherished and revered. When we approach challenging pregnancies in this fashion, miracles can be achieved.

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