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Univision’s unexpectedly glowing report: Mayra Flores’ Win Proves The American Dream Is Within Reach

by | Jun 21, 2022

By Jorge Bonilla

Something remarkable happened the night after Mayra Flores’ historic win in the special election to fill the vacancy in Texas’ 34th Congressional District: an Univision newscast spoke glowingly of the election of a conservative.

Look at anchor Maity Interiano’s introduction of the complete report on Flores’ win, as aired on Univision’s late night newscast:


MAITY INTERIANO: We begin with Republican Mara Flores’ historic electoral victory, who becomes the first U.S. congresswoman to be born in Mexico. Flores will represent Texas after defeating Democrat Dan Sánchez. Her victory symbolizes a political generational shift, and (stands as) confirmation that the American Dream is within reach of any immigrant that strives to achieve it.

Univision’s coverage of Flores’ win didn’t start out this way. Early morning reports on Despierta América were shamefully limited to a 6-second blurb that didn’t mention Flores by name, and were read over B-roll of Nevada Senate candidate Adam Laxalt. It was bad enough that we called it out on social media. Univision, to their credit, took corrective action and included full reports on Flores in both their prime time and late night newscasts.

This report is remarkable in that it is the type of glowing report that one expects to be given exclusively to Democrats (think AOC). In all my time at the MRC, I can’t ever recall this kind of positive -and, yes, glowing- coverage of the election of a Hispanic conservative to the United States Congress- let alone on a network known for referring to them as race-traitors (see Exhibits A and B).

This report is also proof evident of the power and transcendence of Flores’ win. By virtue of her demography, a Congresswoman Flores compels coverage in a way that other Hispanic conservatives do not. Univision and Telemundo simply CANNOT ignore the immigrant from Burgos, Tamaulipas that through hard work and perseverance became the first Mexican-born woman elected to the United States Congress. They are compelled to tell that story, even if it is a story that forcefully decouples leftist politics from the Latino identity they so strongly enforce, because it is an aspirational story that is extremely relevant to their core audience throughout the West and Southwest. “From immigrant to congresswoman”, read one chyron. They might as well have said “she’s one of us”.

A beaming Interiano, who I again remind you is a Univision anchor, closed out the report on the election of a Texas Republican with “Latino pride”. A huge shift is underway.

Editor’s note. This appeared at Newsbusters and is reposted with permission.

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