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V.P. Harris becomes the Biden Administration’s “leading voice” on abortion

by | Jun 7, 2022

 By Dave Andrusko

The headline to the story in Bloomberg News is “Kamala Harris Emerges as Biden Team’s Leading Voice in Battle Over Abortion Rights.” According to the story written by Justin Sink, Jordan Fabian, and Josh Wingrove, “Harris on Monday defended abortion access before a group of faith leaders in Los Angeles, continuing the steady emphasis she’s placed on the issue ever since Politico published a leaked draft opinion showing the Supreme Court’s conservative majority is prepared to overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision.”

In a kind of  lowest common denominator argument, Harris told the ten faith leaders that

“To support Roe v. Wade and all it stands for does not mean giving up your beliefs. It is simply about agreeing a woman should be able to make that decision with her faith leader, with her family, with her physician and that the government should not be making that decision for her.” 

The meeting with the abortion-supporting faith leaders comes after Harris “delivered an incendiary speech to EMILY’s List, a group that advocates for the election of women who support abortion rights, castigating Republicans and the justices they put on the court and exclaiming ‘How dare they try to deny women their rights and their freedoms.’”

In her meeting on Monday, Harris was said to have focused on the “downstream effects, like the threat to privacy rights,” which is in sync with the administration’s determined efforts to link the “right” to abortion to support for other  less controversial issues.

President Biden has “yet to publicly meet with abortion-rights groups or deliver a major speech on the expected end of Roe,” according to  Sink,  Fabian, and Wingrove. “When he has addressed the possibility the decision may be overturned, the president has set the issue in a legal context — warning that other freedoms rooted in the right to privacy may be at risk.”

Biden’s “measured discussion of the issue is deliberate,”  Sink,  Fabian, and Wingrove write. “House aides hope that they can build a broad coalition of voters to turn out in November. It’s a strategy intended to appeal to Americans who are uncomfortable explicitly discussing or voicing support for abortion rights.”

What else is new? Many people do not support abortion but Democrats hope to reel them in by tying the killing of unborn babies to “other freedoms rooted in the right to privacy.”

It’s up to us to make sure no voter makes that mistake.

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