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Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas City will not be deterred by theft, vandalism, and intimidation

by | Jul 11, 2022

Church of the Ascension’s grade school was vandalized around 1 a.m. on July 10. This message was accompanied by another on the school’s front doors. The vandal also spray painted a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary on the parish grounds. 

By The Leaven

Editor’s note. The Leaven is the official newspaper of the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas

An escalating pattern of theft, vandalism and intimidation targeting members of the Catholic Church and other supporters of the Value Them Both amendment reached a new level overnight when the Church of the Ascension in Overland Park fell victim to an overt act of hatred and incivility. 

Parish buildings, including a statue of the Blessed Mother, were extensively defaced with red spray paint. Authorities were notified and we ask that every action be taken to identify and hold the perpetrators of this despicable act accountable.

“This attack and others targeting Catholic churches in Kansas and across the country are not only vulgar but un-American,” said Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of the Kansas City in Kansas Archdiocese. “The intention is clearly meant to intimidate and threaten the Church’s pro-life beliefs and position of support for the Value Them Both amendment. We will not be deterred.”

“Value Them Both will secure protections from an unlimited and unrestricted abortion industry that is attempting to buy this election so it can further prey on women facing unplanned or challenging pregnancies,” he continued. “The Catholic Church remains firm in its support of mothers and preborn babies and our members are more firmly dedicated to our mission than ever before.”

We ask for prayers for the Church of the Ascension’s parish community, for a civility leading up to the Aug. 2 vote, and for those committing these acts of vandalism.

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