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Biden’s numbers on his handling of the economy even worse than his job approval numbers

by | Jul 18, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

President Biden’s seemingly inexorable downward slide is not confined to these job approval numbers. True, an average of minus 17.8% [38.6% approve, 56.4%  disapprove] in Real Clear Politics average is massive, although not as awful as Fox News which clocks him in at minus 19%.

But if James Carville’s “it’s the economy, stupid” still holds true, the President’s numbers are incredibly foreboding. The Real Clear Politics average on the President’s handling of the economy is a minus 30.4% . Only 32.8% approve of his handling of the economy versus 63.2%  disapproval.

Put another way, of the seven most recent surveys, the “high” is a negative 19%, the low is a negative 37%!  Steve Liesman explained CNBC’s All-American Economic Survey in this fashion:

With Americans feeling crushed beneath the weight of rising prices, Biden’s economic approval dropped 5 points from the prior survey in April to just 30%. The president’s economic record is supported by just 6% of Republicans, 25% of independents and 58% of Democrats, a very low number for his own party.

In comparison, President Donald Trump’s economic approval bottomed out at 41%, and President Barack Obama’s at 37%.

Steve Liesman’s three key points?

  • President Joe Biden’s overall and economic approval numbers dipped to the lowest levels of his presidency, according to CNBC’s All-America Survey.
  • His economic approval rating dropped 5 points from April’s survey to 30%, lower than the nadirs for President Donald Trump and President Barack Obama.
  • Americans are taking a variety of steps to contend with higher prices. Some 65% of those polled said they’re cutting back on entertainment. More than 4 in 10 are spending less on groceries.

Stay tuned.

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