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Elizabeth Warren Gone Wild…for Abortion

by | Jul 19, 2022

By Ryan Bomberger   

Elizabeth Warren hates choice.

The Senator, who has a long-documented history of dishonesty, has launched a bizarre crusade against her own gender. She doesn’t trust women to see past a desperate campaign to silence those helping mothers and their families. Warren has been on the war path trying to scare the public into thinking that Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPCs) “torture people” and “wish them harm.” 

I’m pretty sure Planned Parenthood, which kills over 345,000 humans a year has that on lock. Hundreds of women have died as a result of “safe and legal” abortions inside of our nation’s abortion mills. They’re simply acceptable collateral damage for fake feminism. Nobody has ever died from the compassionate care they’ve received at our nation’s CPCs. Nobody.

Warren has made media appearances goofily claiming that CPCs “try to fool people” that they’re “true abortion clinics.” They don’t pretend to be abortion facilities. Why would they pose as those they oppose? They value life too much. They do offer, however, a wide range of services that abortion mills refuse to.

Better known as Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRCs), these vital nonprofits provide their medical, material and support services for free. My organization, The Radiance Foundation, has helped to raise millions of dollars over the years for these centers where over 90% of funding comes from private donations.

As an international public speaker who has been inside hundreds of PRCs across the country, it’s obvious to me that Senator Warren has never been inside of one. For years, the Democratic Party – the Party of unlimited abortion-on-demand – has tried unsuccessfully to shut down pregnancy centers. These organizations are mostly run by women who (gasp!) offer life-affirming alternatives to the violence of abortion.

Abortion mills offer virtually nothing to mothers other than abortion. Less than 1 percent of taxpayer-funded Planned Parenthood centers provide prenatal care. Five percent of PRCs, however, offer prenatal care. And one won’t find a single baby or mother boutique inside an abortion facility, and none of them report any parenting classes or other parental resources.

Nearly 1 million clients are served annually (at no cost) by our nation’s 2,700 pregnancy centers which provide 731,844 pregnancy tests, 486,213 ultrasounds, 291,230 parenting education classes, over 4 million baby items (diapers, formula, furniture, clothes, strollers, car seats), post-abortion support/recovery and more. There are 810 PRCs that offer free STI/STD testing of which 536 offer STI/STD treatment. 147 pregnancy centers offer prenatal care. Over 99 percent of clients surveyed reported positive experiences at PRCs. Doesn’t sound like “harm” to me. Sounds like help and hope.

Warren and other abortion extremists just hate that these centers compassionately serve mother, father and child instead of a multi-billion abortion industry.

Warren is the co-sponsor of the embarrassingly named SAD Act – the Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act (or Senate Bill S. 4469) – which is a radical effort to force pregnancy centers to close. An extreme bill that purports to prohibit “disinformation in the advertising of abortion services” refuses to say women are the ones who get pregnant. They only refer to “pregnant people” and “people.” 

The proposed legislation goes on to lament that there are over 2,500 pregnancy centers in America. They falsely assert that “anti-abortion groups claim that number is close to 4,000.” 

It’s actually the pro-abortion side that makes that claim: Planned Parenthood-founded Guttmacher says the number is “between 2,500-4,000.” Of course, accurate numbers are never really their thing. The perpetually dishonest NARAL declared back in 2010 that “there are as many as 4,000 CPCs in the United States, compared to fewer than 2,000 abortion providers.” It’s their way of fear mongering. The SAD Act (living up to its name because it’s a sad and pathetic display of anti-woman propaganda) sounded the same alarm that pregnancy centers greatly outnumber abortion mills 2 to 1 and in some states 9 to 1 and 11 to 1! Wait. You mean there are far more places willing to meet the needs of pregnant women? What kind of misogyny is this!

NARAL claims: “CPCs are not, however, medical clinics; they are, for the most part, staffed by anti-choice volunteers rather than trained medical clinicians.” The American Medical Association (AMA) joins in the smear, saying: “Centers lack regulatory oversight as they are not medical practices and do not charge for services.” Abortion mills actually lack regulatory oversight, and the pro-abortion Left has long fought to pass bills to render abortionists and abortion profit centers unaccountable. Many pregnancy centers are, in fact, medically licensed by their states. Among our nation’s 2,700 reported nationwide PRCs, there are 3,791 licensed medical staff (board certified and licensed by the state…aka very medical) and another 6,424 licensed medical volunteers.

The SAD Act says CPCs “typically advertise themselves as providers of comprehensive health care.” That’s another lie. In fact, they advertise exactly what they provide. Click any SERVICES tab on a pregnancy center website. There’s no mystery. And they tell you that they don’t provide or refer for abortions. Surprising, I know. And vegan restaurants don’t offer meat. Shocking, right?

The bill insists: “People are entitled to honest, accurate, and timely information when seeking reproductive health care.” Amen! So, when will the abortion industry start providing this?

Leftists want to weaponize the Federal Trade Commission and fine CPCs/PRCs out of existence if they don’t spread pro-abortion propaganda. So, Warren’s SAD Act calls on the FTC to assess civil penalties of $100,000 or 50 percent of the revenues by the organization.

The Warren Crusade is just evil. Any politician who thinks that providing free medical, emotional, and material care to mothers and their families is “torture” isn’t connected to reality. Anyone who thinks that caring for pregnant women is a political issue sadly doesn’t understand love and compassion. 

And those are in abundance at a local pregnancy center near you.

Editor’s note. This appeared at the Radiance Foundation and is reposted with permission.

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