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Indiana Right to Life remains opposed to SB1

by | Jul 29, 2022

Greetings! Indiana Right to Life President and CEO Mike Fichter issued this statement today on SB1:

Indiana Right to Life remains opposed to SB1. While we are encouraged by the addition of language giving the attorney general the power to prosecute when illegal abortions occur, SB1 contains a vague life of the mother exception that will be easily exploited to cover most abortions. An amendment to help fix this problem was voted down last night, with the help of many Republican senators who previously indicated to voters on candidate surveys that they supported no exceptions, or a life of the mother exception only. SB1 lacks any requirement that claims of rape be reported to police, denying women the help they need while allowing perpetrators to escape justice and seek other victims.

In addition, SB1 redefines abortion so that the intentional killing of a fully alive unborn child with severe disabilities will no longer be considered an abortion under Indiana law. This changing of definition will open the floodgates for funding of these types of procedures, while creating a bypass of Indiana’s ban on discriminatory abortions based solely on disability, and a bypass of Indiana’s ban on trafficking of aborted fetal body parts, all because the killing of these children will no longer be called abortions under the law. 

To anyone who might claim this is an abortion ban, we would simply point to the section of SB1 referencing new rules for existing and future abortion clinics in Indiana. We did not wait 50 years for the full reversal of Roe vs. Wade for this. We stand opposed to SB1.

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