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Indiana Right to Life: SB1 Is A Weak And Troubling Bill, Falls Woefully Short

by | Jul 26, 2022

By  Indiana Right to Life 

SB 1 is a weak and troubling bill. Indiana Right to Life brought the voice of prolife Hoosiers to the Senate shortly after the Dobbs ruling, and this bill falls woefully short of what was outlined in that discussion. 

The bill fails substantively in many areas, including its failure to provide any meaningful enforcement provisions. This bill goes through the motions on paper, but lacks any teeth to actually reduce abortions in Indiana by holding those who perform abortions or would intentionally skirt the law accountable with criminal consequences. 

As the bill reads now, the 8,000-plus abortions that take place annually in Indiana would continue unabated in counties like Marion County where the prosecutor has already stated he will not enforce the law. That is unacceptable and prolife Hoosiers will not silently let that stand. 

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