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Judge Sides with Abortion in Lawsuit, But Life Will Prevail in Louisiana!

by | Jul 21, 2022

Another detour. Another insult to justice. Another slap in the face to our citizens and legislators.

By Benjamin Clapper, executive director

Today, 19th JDC Donald Johnson sided with the Shreveport abortion business against pro-life laws protecting babies from abortion. His preliminary injunction means that the Attorney General and Department of Health cannot enforce our laws during a full court case on the law, which may take months.

Attorney General Jeff Landry will appeal the decision, and ultimately, it’s anticipated the Louisiana Supreme Court will have the final say.

During court deliberations Monday, Landry’s legal team, including Solicitor General Liz Murrill, went through Louisiana’s pro-life laws in painstaking detail to demonstrate how Louisiana laws clearly prohibit abortion. Ultimately, Murrill said that the abortion business was throwing paint on the wall, hoping something sticks. 

The overwhelming majority of abortions in Louisiana are elective abortions on healthy moms and babies. Our law also clearly explains the difference between elective abortion and treatment for an ectopic pregnancy or emergency situations, for example. Read more on this topic from our Director of Education, Alex Seghers, below.

Although Judge Johnson’s decision is upsetting, we are hopeful the Attorney General’s team made a compelling case that will withstand further court proceedings.

I know this is disappointing and many people are surprised this could happen after we passed our Constitutional Amendment. But sadly, anyone can file a lawsuit and any lower court judge can make bad decisions. It’s going to be up to our State Supreme Court to stop this circus and enforce our laws! We must NOT stop until our pro-life laws are vindicated! 

For a Pro-Life Louisiana.

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