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Post-abortive woman describes being lied to at Planned Parenthood

by | Jul 29, 2022

By Sarah Terzo

Mary Kominsky had an abortion after the father of her baby abandoned her. It was before Roe vs. Wade, but abortion was legal in New York.

She says:

“Fear had led me to the belief in the lies surrounding abortion. No one would ever find out. After all, the doctor at Planned Parenthood told me it was just a clump of cells and tissue even though I was 11 weeks pregnant.

She promised I would be able to go on with my life as if nothing had happened. But just the opposite came true.”

She describes what happened afterward:

“Following the procedure, I was deeply traumatized as fear turned into guilt and shame. It was not a simple surgical procedure as I had been promised…

“I had to detach my mind, my heart, and my emotions. In shutting these off, my heart hardened and turned cold. Initially, there is a relief of not having to face uncertainty, but that often turns to great sadness. I became angry and resentful to all those around me. I had a deep shame and a profound sense of loss.”

Mary Kominsky, “Foreword” in Everything You Need to Know about Abortion – For Teens (Gastonia, North Carolina: TAN Books, 2021) xii, xiii.

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