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‘Pro-choice’ doctors demand free abortions in UK for Americans, but no call for free healthcare if keep baby

by | Jul 12, 2022

By Right to Life UK

A group of ‘pro-choice’ doctors at the British Medical Association (BMA) have voted to lobby the UK’s governments to provide free taxpayer-funded abortions for women from the U.S. But they have not made any similar call to provide women who do not have access to public funding for maternity healthcare to be provided with free taxpayer-funded maternity care if they proceed with their pregnancy.

In an emergency debate during the BMA’s Annual Representative Meeting, the BMA voted to condemn the recent US Supreme Court decision that permits individual states to enact their own abortion law, in addition to voting to lobby the Government to provide taxpayer-funded abortions for U.S. women.

The motion, proposed by the medical student, Marina Politis reads:

“This meeting calls upon the BMA to…[c]ontinue to condemn the overturning of Roe vs Wade and lobby all UK governments to condemn this decision… and [s]upport the provision of free & safe abortion care to all nationals seeking this in the UK without subjecting them to the overseas patient upfront tariff, regardless of borders.”

As was pointed out during the debate, the motion to provide abortions to “all nationals” is ambiguous and seems to imply that the BMA supports providing free abortions in the UK to anyone from anywhere in the world.

Politis claimed that “abortion is essential healthcare”.

“We also need to provide safe abortion care to all nationals seeking this in the UK, without subjecting them to overseas patient upfront tariffs – and this must be regardless of borders going far beyond the US”, she said.

The motion passed with 57% of doctors voting in favour of the clause calling for the UK to offer free abortions to all nationalities, 36% against and 7% abstaining.

MSI Reproductive Choice (formerly Marie Stopes International) charges £2,657 for women from overseas to have an abortion when a baby is between 19 weeks and 24 weeks gestation

Right To Life UK spokesperson, Catherine Robinson, said: “Again, we see ‘pro-choice’ activists showing their true colours. They are really only pro one particular choice, and that is sadly abortion”.

“While these doctors are eager to lobby the Government to provide free abortions to end the life of a baby, there was no mention of lobbying the Government to provide public funding for women from overseas who continue with their pregnancies and need vital maternity care”.

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