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Roe Is Gone! Louisiana, Let’s Protect Babies and Support Moms! Attorney General Landry Petitions LA Supreme Court

by | Jul 5, 2022

By Benjamin Clapper Executive Director, Louisiana Right to Life

Eleven days ago we watched history unfold before our eyes! Roe v. Wade, the devastating 1973 decision that legalized abortion, was ruled egregiously wrong! Afterwards, we launched several media campaigns to share our message that we are here to help! Watch our social media video above and learn below about our takeover of the state’s largest paper, The Advocate.

I am sure you heard the news that soon after Roe’s reversal, Louisiana’s largest abortion business in Shreveport filed a lawsuit against our pro-life laws stopping abortion. In a desperate effort, the abortion business alleged that our law is “vague,” and unfortunately, a New Orleans judge allowed them to start performing abortions again.

However, on Saturday, Attorney General Jeff Landry petitioned the Louisiana Supreme Court to dissolve the case. I trust that in time, through this petition or through other legal action, our law will stand and babies will be protected! We will let you know soon about the results of the AG’s petition.

Meanwhile, abortion debates rage on social media. Our young people need thorough training to help contend with the abortion culture.

This is the perfect time to send your students to our Pulse Leadership Institute from July 11th-15th. Our youth team (pictured right) will be educating students on pro-life apologetics, the work of pregnancy centers, and much more! Please spread the word and invite students to register!

For a Pro-Life Louisiana.

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