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Value Them Both Coalition Demands Removal of False and Deceptive Ad, Holds Media Accountable for Reporting Truth about Amendment

by | Jul 1, 2022

SHAWNEE, KS – On Wednesday, Kansans for Constitutional Freedom, which is being run out of an abortion clinic and whose member organizations oppose all limits on abortion, released their most false and misleading ad to date.

The ad contains outright lies about what Value Them Both Amendment will do and its impact on women facing life-threatening medical situations. The Value Them Both Coalition calls for the ad to immediately be pulled from the airwaves and for the media to hold Kansans for Constitutional Freedom and their member organizations accountable for the inaccuracy they are spreading across the airwaves.  

“Mainstream media outlets and legal scholars have continually confirmed that the Value Them Both Amendment does not ban abortion,” says Danielle Underwood, Communications Director for Kansans for Life. “Every existing abortion-related law in Kansas safeguards medical interventions for a mother whose life is in danger. The abortion industry opposes every limit on abortion, and continues to lie and exploit a heartbreaking situation in order to keep Kansas as a destination for extreme abortions.” 

“The members of the Value Them Both Coalition support the pro-life position, which includes promoting policies that are in the best interests of both mothers and babies,” Underwood concluded.a

The coalition is pursuing every possible legal option and calls upon media to take down this false and misleading ad.

Facts correcting false claims:

The Value Them Both Coalition is a united effort of Kansas citizens and organizations committed to promoting passage of the Value Them Both Amendment on Aug. 2, which is the only means to defend our state’s existing pro-life laws. The coalition encourages Kansas voters to learn more at and to vote “YES” on August 2, 2022. The coalition is led by Kansans for Life, the Kansas Catholic Conference, and Kansas Family Voice.

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