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VP Harris will be “overt politicking” on the abortion issue in hopes of raising Democrats’ chances in the November midterm elections

by | Jul 26, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

So, if Politico is to be believed—and it is as wired into the Democratic Party as you can get—we should be on the lookout for Vice President Kamala Harris as she “plots her next, more aggressive, volley in the abortion fights .” To wit “More overt politicking would be an extension of the post-Roe portfolio she’s been crafting.”

Despite the absence of polls showing how an emphasis on abortion will meaningfully increase Democrat turnout next November, the obvious explanation for the emphasis is that Democrats hope to divert the public’s attention away from a four-decade high on inflation of 9.1%, skyrocketing gas prices, a 37% job approval rating for President Biden, and the grim truth that three-quarters of the American public is convinced the country is on the wrong track.

So, according to Politico’s Eugene Daniels, Harris has studied, honing the message that Republicans are “extremists” on abortion. This from the titular #2 leader of a party that has passed legislation in several blue states that allows abortion throughout the entire nine months of pregnancy and has attempted to duplicate that at the national level with the woefully mislabeled “Women’s Health Protection Act.”

According to Daniels

Democrats say Harris is uniquely qualified to make the push both as the first woman vice president and a past state and local elected official herself. Allies and attendees of Harris’ legislator meetings say she has leaned on that experience to stress that “she inherently understands the stakes” of state and local elections on abortion policy.

Harris wants to be “out in America three days a week,” a source told Politico. Along with her “team,” they will “hit the campaign and fundraising circuit in an aggressive bid to elevate Democratic state legislators and governors on the abortion rights frontlines.”

One wonders if she’ll have much of her team left. Domestic policy adviser Rohini Kosoglu and director of speechwriting Meghan Groob are leaving. “Groob had taken over for Kate Childs Graham, who announced her departure in February.”

“The latest turnover comes just weeks after a staff shakeup in the vice president’s office following a series of gaffes and reports of dysfunction in her office,” Landon Mion reported.

And why does being a woman “and a past state and local elected official herself” make her “uniquely qualified”?

Finally, Alexandra DeSanctis of National Review Online reminds us 

Meanwhile, Harris hasn’t proven herself the most competent spokeswoman on the issue. As a presidential-primary candidate, she marked herself the most radical in the field by pledging to instate a regime of “preclearance” under which her DOJ would block any state laws that it deemed in violation of Roe. Shortly after Dobbs came down, Harris implored voters to consider how the ruling would affect their sons: “If you are a parent of sons, do think about what this means for the life of your son and what that will mean in terms of the choices he will have.” It’s hard to find an argument better suited to confirming the point pro-lifers have been making for generations. And just yesterday, Harris offered this absurdity in an interview: “Listen, women are getting pregnant every day in America, and this is a real issue.”

Harris really does have a way with words, doesn’t she?

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