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What Dobbs Means for Us

by | Jul 11, 2022

By Carol Tobias, President

Editor’s note. This appeared in the July issue of National Right to Life News, “the pro-life newspaper of record.” Please be sure to pass this historic, first-issue after Roe fell to your pro-life family and friends.

Roe v Wade and Planned Parenthood v Casey are gone! We’ve worked for the overturn of Roe for nearly five decades and the pro-life movement was ready for the next step. Some states had a “trigger” law on the books, ready to go into effect the moment this happened or soon after. Pro-lifers in other states would continue efforts to protect as many babies as possible as soon as possible.

In response, the Biden administration is trying to override state laws that regulate chemical abortions—“medication abortions.” President Biden on Friday said he had directed HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra to “take steps to ensure that these critical medications are available to the fullest extent possible.”

Lawrence Gostin, a Georgetown University law professor specializing in public health, called on the FDA to clearly state that its scientific review of the abortion drugs trumps any state actions that restrict their use, “and that states don’t get to pick and choose which FDA-approved medications it will or won’t allow,” according to The Hill.

The federal government is being asked to set up abortion camps on federal property so the killing can continue. And there is pressure on the federal government to ignore the Hyde amendment and pay expenses to transport women across state lines to get an abortion.

I knew supporters of abortion would be furious but, I admit, I didn’t fully expect the hysterical, irrational response we have seen. Some believe (or act like) abortion is now illegal in the United States. It isn’t.
News stories strongly hint that women who get an abortion will be penalized, failing to mention the very public position taken by NRLC and more than 70 organizations opposing such actions. That just begins the lies and distortions.

News stories abound about how apps that track a woman’s menstrual cycle will be used to document whether or not she is pregnant. Or that if she searched for abortion information, her search record could be used as evidence against her.

Even more reprehensible, women are being told they will die if there is a problem with their pregnancy. They are being told that doctors will be unable to, or will be afraid to, treat ectopic pregnancies, miscarriages, or serious challenges to mother or baby during pregnancy. Such distortions are an abomination.

Some abortion supporters are going after pregnancy resource centers–more than they usually do–accusing the centers of deception. Why? Because they don’t perform abortions.

In short, the abortion industry is doing everything it can to scare women into seeing her unborn child as the enemy, being used by politicians to subjugate her into second-class status.

We shake our heads in bewilderment, or anger, but we keep on doing what needs to be done to protect babies and their mothers.

If you live in a state with a trigger law, you may have assumed that much of the work was done. Babies are being protected and you can now concentrate more of your efforts on supporting the increasingly valuable pregnancy resource centers.

But don’t assume anything. The abortion industry will try to find a judge that says your state constitution contains a “privacy” clause which will not allow those protections. Or they will initiate a petition drive to place a measure on the ballot, probably in 2024, hoping to override your pro-life legislature. So be prepared.

Some states, because of a divided government–a pro-life legislature but a pro-abortion governor with a veto pen–may take a couple years to determine what protections are possible.
And some of you live in states that, tragically, have gone in the opposite direction by removing what few protections they had for unborn children. Do what you can to keep the issue alive with measures that will generate support even from many people who support abortion.

For example, no tax funding of abortion; conscience protections for medical personnel; the requirement that abortionists provide information about abortion pill reversal; that parents be notified if their minor daughter is seeking an abortion, to name just a few. Make sure people in your state realize how anti-life the state law is.

But whether we are able to pass laws to protect unborn children, or keep the ones we have, will depend on the November elections.

The U.S. House has passed the radical “Women’s Health Protection Act” but our stalwart, pro-life friends in the Senate have stopped the bill twice.

The only thing preventing this from becoming a horrible national law is the filibuster. Right now, there are 48 votes in the Senate to end the filibuster. With Vice President Kamala Harris ready to break a tie vote, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer only needs two more.

If Democrats do pick up two more senate seats in November, Schumer would have the votes necessary to eliminate the filibuster, and a pro-abortion wish list becomes reality.

Along with passing the Women’s Health Protection Act, Congress would repeal the Hyde Amendment and tax dollars would pay for abortions.

We would likely see the District of Columbia and possibly Puerto Rico added to the union as states, giving Schumer four more senators to do his bidding. And in order to overturn Dobbs and protect unlimited access to abortion, Democrats will add four more radical pro-abortion justices to the U.S. Supreme Court.

If Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are in full control of Congress next year, much of what we won with the Dobbs will be lost. That could happen at the state level as well.
We have to elect pro-life candidates!

Our opponents know what is at stake: President Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi have all said that abortion is on the ballot in November. Let’s make sure the headlines after the election read, “And Life won!”

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