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Biden’s job approval remains dismal, handling of the economy in the same range

by | Aug 8, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

How quickly—supposedly—things have changed for pro-abortion President Joe Biden. Having passed the “Inflation Reduction Act”—a misnomer if ever the was one; it’s actually “Build Back Better 2.0”—we’re told this “deliver[ed] a major win for President Joe Biden and his agenda before the midterm elections.”

Will this affect President Biden’s job approval numbers, as seen in the latest Gallup’s poll? There are many awful figures but this is probably the topper: “Since Gallup started polling presidential approval in the 1950s, in fact, no one has ever rated more poorly in the summer of his second year than Biden.” That figure is 38%, the first time Biden has dropped below 40% in a Gallup survey.

Jeffrey M. Jones tell us “The July 5-26 Gallup survey finds 59% of Americans disapproving of the job Biden is doing, the highest for him to date.” He adds 

While Biden retains the support of the vast majority of Democrats, his 78% approval rating among his fellow partisans ties as the lowest for him to date, having previously descended to that level in December.

The 31% of independents approving of Biden is a new low for him, while Republican approval continues to be scarce.

“Scarce” as in 13% of Republicans!

Gallup’s result is hardly an outlier. Biden’s  job approval rate is 39.6% , according to Real Clear Politics’s average of major polls.

Meanwhile a brand new ABC News/Ipsos poll found that the public’s outlook on the economy remains dismal.  Hannah Demissie tells us

With the midterm elections three months away, Americans maintain a sour view on the state of the economy and are pessimistic about its future course, with President Joe Biden’s approval rating across a range of issue areas continuing to suffer, according to a new ABC News/Ipsos poll.

More than two-thirds (69%) of Americans think the nation’s economy is getting worse — the highest that measure has reached since 2008, when it was 82% in an ABC News/Washington Post poll. Currently, only 12% think the economy is getting better and 18% think it is essentially staying the same.

Americans’ views of Biden’s handling of the economic recovery remain overwhelmingly negative — and are virtually unchanged from the same poll in early June, with only 37% of Americans approving of the job the president is doing and 62% disapproving in the latest ABC News/Ipsos poll, which was conducted using Ipsos’ KnowledgePanel.

The president’s rating on inflation is even worse, with 29% of Americans saying they approve, while 69% disapprove. This number is also unchanged since June.

One other factor that is not getting much play: how poorly abortion is playing with Hispanics (whose support Democrats are already hemorrhaging) and Blacks. The Associated Press reports

Facing critical races for governor and U.S. Senate, Democratic hopefuls in Wisconsin are hoping their support for abortion rights in the face of a Supreme Court ruling that overturned Roe v. Wade can overcome the headwinds of a midterm election long expected to favor Republicans. But there’s one key group their strategies might fail to mobilize: Black voters.

An issue with strong support from white Democrats is more complicated in the Black community, especially among churchgoers who hold more conservative views on abortion. The topic is so fraught that most community organizers avoid bringing it up.

“Among the Black Baptist church alone, that would split us in half,” said David Liners, executive director of WISDOM, a faith-based organizing group with a statewide presence, when asked why his group isn’t organizing around abortion.

And, oh by the way, the Associated Press reported

When asked how enthusiastic they were about voting in November, the poll found that 75% of Republicans are either very or somewhat enthusiastic about voting, compared to 68% of Democrats and 49% of independents.

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