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CPAC Texas Speaks for Life

by | Aug 5, 2022

By Carol Tobias, President

I had the amazing opportunity to participate in “CPAC Texas” in Dallas on August 4. I participated in a panel discussion with Sandy Rios, host of Sandy Rios in the Morning, and Amanda Head of Real America’s Voice to talk about a post-Roe America.

I encouraged attendees not to take anything for granted. Even if they live in a pro-life state– a state that already has or soon will have laws that protect unborn children– the abortion industry and its advocates will seek to challenge those laws, wanting instead to protect abortion and abortion providers.

I was encouraged by staff members of CPAC who relayed heightened audience interest in the pro-life panel, that protecting unborn children was clearly a high priority for those in attendance.

Several people later told me they appreciated the panel and were determined to get more involved in the fight for life back in their states. That was wonderful to hear because with the many battles ahead of us, we need all hands on deck!

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