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Democrats’ New War on Women 

by | Aug 1, 2022

By Grace Howat

The left’s newest attack on pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) is an attempt to limit women’s options and to trap us into abortion.

Pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) are an incredible resource for expecting mothers and families across the country. They provide material, social, and medical help, as well as accurate information about different options for expecting mothers and families. 

While the profit-driven abortion industry tries to pressure women into abortion, PRCs have helped countless women realize they have more options. By caring for their needs in difficult times, PRCs give women the courage to choose Life for their children. 

Despite purporting to represent women and woman’s rights, the abortion-obsessed left hates PRCs. Now, Democrat politicians have launched a renewed attack on PRCs in an effort to shut them down. 

How can leftist politicians so vehemently hate PRCs when all these centers do is offer free care and options to women?

Democrats hate PRCs for cutting into the abortion industry’s profits and for debunking the false narrative that Pro-Lifers do not care about women or children after the baby is born. 

Democrat senator from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren even accused these vital centers of literally torturing women. Her reasoning? Warren accuses PRCs of “torture” because they do not actively encourage women to have abortions and since they provide the unflattering true information about the realities of abortion. 

Just this June, Warren and several federal Democrats introduced Senate Bill 4469 and House Bill 8210, deceptively titled the Stop Anti-Abortion Disinformation Act (the SAD Act). 

This bill would require the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to create rules prohibiting “advertising with the use of deceptive or misleading statements related to the provision of abortion services.” The SAD Act also mandates the FTC expand the penalties they could inflict on PRCs. 

This extreme bill is specifically designed to target Pro-Life PRCs, prevent them from telling women the tragic reality of abortion, and stop them from offering real alternatives. Ultimately, these politicians’ goal is to penalize PRCs out of existence.  

Unfortunately, these anti-Life efforts are not just happening at a national level. Democrat led attempts to limit women’s options are spreading across the states, including Texas.

Currently in Texas, the state’s Alternatives to Abortion program helps fund the services that PRCs, maternity homes, and adoption agencies provide to women and families. Texas PRCs offer assistance while mothers are expecting and up to three years after the baby is born. 

Rather than joining these effective efforts to ensure women have true options and support, Texas Democrats voted just this summer to make defunding pregnancy resource centers a party priority. Democrat State Representative Donna Howard has gone so far as to say that the program designed to help low income Texas women is a “waste of taxpayer dollars.” 

Since the end of Roe, there’s been a steady onslaught of attacks against pregnancy resource centers at every level of government, including the local level. This March, a Boston suburb’s city council voted to outright ban PRCs in their town. 

During the Covid lockdowns, many localities in Texas, including Dallas County, targeted and shut down PRCs as “non-essential,” despite the fact that these centers provide a variety of desperately needed services to pregnant mothers. 

From their continued attacks against these resources for women, Democrats have disproven their claims to be pro-choice. It is clear that Democrats only want one option available to women: abortion.

Pro-Lifers must not only support PRCs, but also stand up and defend them. 

You can start by contacting your U.S. senators and congressmen to urge them to vote NO on the SAD Act. Urge your elected officials to defend the life-saving PRCs who are at the front line of defense against the abortion industry. 

In the next Texas legislative session, we must urge our lawmakers to increase our aid to women and families by raising funding to the Alternatives to Abortion program. The left will not stop advocating for abortion on demand. Nor will they cease their attempts to silence Pro-Lifers and cut all the aid offered to women by PRCs. 

As long as Democrats continue their attacks, we must persist in our work of protecting preborn children and their mothers from abortion and building a fully Pro-Life Texas.