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Pro-aborts enlist Big Tech in an attempt to squelch Pregnancy Help Center

by | Aug 23, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

According to an “exclusive” story in Axios, the latest move by Yelp is a natural succession to previously efforts they’ve made to marginalize and diminish crisis pregnancy centers.

Ina Fried writes

Yelp is adding a prominent consumer notice to crisis pregnancy center listings to more clearly distinguish them from clinics that provide abortion services, in a policy change shared first with Axios.

The big picture: Yelp’s move is the latest tech-company response to a post-Roe world in which abortion information has become a significant online battleground, with both sides of the debate applying intense pressure.

You’ll never guess. The body of the story has exactly one example of pro-life organizations “applying intense pressure.” But plentiful are illustrations of pro-abortion working hand in glove with Big Tech. After listing how Yelp has tighten the screws on crisis pregnancy centers– more correctly called pregnancy help centers— here are just some examples Fried lists:

  • The Alphabet Workers Union said last week that they want listings for crisis pregnancy centers removed from Google as misleading.
  • Abortion rights activists have called for crisis pregnancy center listings to be more prominently labeled, citing the potential for abortion-seekers to be misled and presented with misinformation, a demand that also has the backing of some Democrat lawmakers.

What’s next? “The largest tech companies are also re-examining their policies,” Fried writes.

You get the message. Crisis pregnancy centers—come under an intense, well-coordinated attack.

Talk about bullies.

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