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Pro-choice activist: feminists have “mismanaged” abortion rights campaign by not admitting “violence” of abortion

by | Aug 4, 2022

By Sarah Terzo

Pro-abortion feminist Camille Paglia says:

“The campaign for abortion rights was systematically mismanaged by feminist leaders, partly because of their refusal to acknowledge the violence inherent in any termination of life.

“The same people who opposed capital punishment ironically fought for abortion on demand, showing a peculiar discrimination about whom to execute.

“Squeamishly sensitive about their humanitarian self-image, feminists have used convoluted casuistry to define the aborted fetus in purely material terms as inert tissue, efficiently flushed.”

Camille Paglia, “Sex War: Abortion, Battering, Sexual Harassment” Vamps & Tramps (New York: Vintage, 1994) p.49.

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