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Pro-life Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp holds “rocksteady” 5 point advantage over pro-abortion Stacey Abrams

by | Aug 17, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

This will be a brief post.

Post-Dobbs, every pro-life candidate will be “warned” that his defense of life could cost him the election. The “choice” side is motivated and has plenty of money, we are told.

Georgia’s gubernatorial race is just one example.

Pro-abortion Stacey Abrams is again competing against pro-life Gov. Brian Kemp. It’s a rematch of the 2018 election which Kemp won by a razor thin margin–50.2% to Abrams’ 48.8%.

Polling over the past few months has not changed: “FiveThirtyEight’s polling average has shown Kemp holding a rocksteady lead of around 5.5 points over Abrams for the past five months,” according to Andrew Egger.

“When Abrams has gone negative in ads, she’s tended to focus on the abortion issue. ‘It’s an attack on the women of Georgia,’ a woman says into the camera in one spot. ‘The only way to stop this attack on the women of Georgia is to stop Brian Kemp.’”

But Georgia voters have heard this all before, Egger writes

Kemp and his allies are skeptical this will move the needle. After all, they argue, it’s not exactly news to voters that Kemp is pro-life. The heartbeat bill was a campaign promise the first time around, and he still beat Abrams then.

“When you’re talking about the heartbeat bill specifically, that was the governor’s first foray into the national spotlight as a sitting governor,” Kemp press secretary Tate Mitchell told The Dispatch. “People know Brian Kemp is a pro-life governor, and they’ve also seen him champion a host of other pro-life policies like adoption reform, foster care reform, and ending human trafficking.”

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