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Schooled in dehumanization makes possible the room that shouldn’t exist

by | Aug 1, 2022

By Bonnie Finnerty, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation

P.O.C. Three little letters.  Do they mean anything to you?  

In the eyes of some, that’s all we really are. 

Products of Conception.

Did you know that there is a special room at every abortion center called the POC lab?  It’s where abortion workers literally piece back together an aborted child, reassembling his torso, legs, arms, and head to make sure that the entire baby was suctioned from the mother’s uterus.   If every part of the baby is not accounted for, a remaining piece in the mother may cause infection and potentially death. 

Former abortion worker turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson says that workers at her clinic would joke that the room was called the Pieces Of Children lab. 

How can anyone joke about reassembling a tiny human like a jigsaw puzzle? Or actually do it?

Can they not see the clearly human features?  Can they not see the life that once was? The life that existed just moments earlier but was violently ended by the flip of a switch? 

Not if you’ve been schooled in dehumanization.

That is the lesson that the abortion industry teaches.  They use the pronoun “it” to refer to a baby in the fetal stage of life rather than “he” or “she.”

They minimize pre-born life as “a clump of cells,” even though ALL of us are really just a “clump of cells.”  

They call actual heartbeats “cardiac pulsations.” 

It’s a crafted language that transforms a who into a what– and in the process, numbs the conscience to the act of destroying vulnerable life. And to piecing it back together.

In her expose on the abortion industry, The Walls Are Talking, Johnson tells the story of Angie, a woman getting her ninth abortion. Even the jaded staff was dismayed by her carefree attitude and smile.  For whatever reason, after the abortion Angie asked to see “it.”  Breaking with protocol, a worker retrieved the dish from the POC lab and brought it to Angie.

As she peered into the dish, her smile faded. She did not expect to see a little human put back together. Her little human. Her baby. Suddenly, the truth of abortion became crystal clear to her.  The shock sent Angie to her knees and into an inconsolable wail. Abortion workers moved her to another room so she wouldn’t alarm the other women getting abortions.

How many Angies are there, blinded to the humanity of life within, misled by the profit-driven abortion lobby in believing their own child is disposable, and then awakened to the lie? Tragically, too many.  

Let eyes be opened and truth be known.  

Let’s work for the day when all women are given life-affirming options, and when all life is safe from harm in the sanctuary of the womb. 

Let P.O.C. no longer stand for Product of Conception or Pieces of Children, but rather Protection Of Children, born and unborn.

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