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Chileans overwhelming vote down new constitution which would have introduced abortion on demand and euthanasia

by | Sep 8, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

A proposed new constitution for the nation of Chile was overwhelmingly defeated Sunday, garnering only 38% of the vote. The proposed constitution sought to introduce abortion on demand and euthanasia. Under its provisions, the Senate would also have been abolished and government-run health care created.

“Democracy, as an act of responsible freedom, has won,” Bishop Isauro Covili Linfati of Iquique, Chile said in a statement. According to the Catholic News Agency

The prelate criticized that in the elaboration of the text, “which should bring about the unity of our nation,” “important institutions” such as the Catholic Church and its bishops were not welcomed or listened to.

He also lamented that in the creation of the new constitution’s text, “a minority intended to impose its vision and its will.”

“It is a text that, despite having very good themes, was destined not to be accepted by the majority, especially for introducing abortion on demand and euthanasia among other issues,” he said.

Prior to the vote the Catholic bishops conference in Chile “had studied the text and is warning that ‘An informed discernment and a conscientious vote is necessary,’” the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues reported. 

The bishops most strenuously object to the proposition that abortion is a so-called right as the “most morally serious provision contained in the constitutional project”. The bishops write that the proposed constitution “introduces abortion, and it does so at the highest normative level, the constitutional one.” The bishops explain that it establishes that the State guarantees “the exercise of this right, free from interference by third parties, whether individuals or institutions” which excludes the father but also affects the exercise of personal and institutional conscientious objection which will “directly affect the ethical, religious and moral conceptions of many people.” 

Chile will continue to protect unborn babies from abortion. There are exceptions when the mother’s life is at risk or she is a victim of rape.

Constanza Saavedra, with the Chilean pro-life group Testimonios por la Vida, celebrated the news.

“With joy and hope in a better Chile, with changes that unite us, seeking to improve the quality of life for all, surpassing ourselves and moving forward,” Saavedra tweeted. “Leaving setbacks, divisions and hatred behind. A Chile in which we can all continue to proudly say: Viva Chile!”

The Chilean legislature “repeatedly has rejected pro-abortion legislation, including a bill in November to allow abortions up to 14 weeks,” Micaiah Bilger wrote.

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