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Not even a pandemic can slow down Planned Parenthood’s killing machine: 383,460 babies lost for 2020-21

by | Sep 19, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

Reading Ryan Bomberger, the co-founder with his wife of The Radiance Foundation, is always a delight. He is witty, clever, spot-on, and his column are invariably packed with strong opinions and excellent insights.

His latest column is, as they say, a deep dive into Planned Parenthood’s Annual Report for 2020-2021 released September 9.

Here are some of the many highlights to the story entitled “Planned Parenthood Makes a Killing During the Pandemic.”

“In 2020-2021, people lost businesses they spent their lives building. Planned Parenthood, however, was open and cashing in on COVID,” Bomberger wrote. “In a pandemic where they provided 200,000 less breast cancer exams and Pap tests (combined) than the previous year, PPFA somehow managed to have plenty of time to kill more human beings than ever in their history: 383,460. The abortion giant violently ended 28,589 more human beings from July 2020 through June 2021 than the year before.”

To put it bluntly, nothing, including a pandemic, slows the machinery of death.

“Their profits skyrocketed, too, from $69.7 million to $133.7 million,” he writes. “It’s amazing what happens when fear is your business model. Even though they served 260,000 fewer clients than the year prior, they managed to rake in the most taxpayer dollars ever: $633.4 million! Drastically fewer clients + drastically fewer medical services = pay dirt.”

Less real help to women, more—much more—killing of unborn babies. And profits continue to go up and up and up.

“No amount of tweets makes abortion ‘healthcare,’ Bomberger writes. “No number of rallies or protests turns violence into virtue. Politicians know Planned Parenthood isn’t a leading healthcare organization.” 

Planned Parenthood Action Fund and related entities are “a political arm of the Democrat Party that recently announced it will spend $50 million in the midterms to elect more pro-abortion politicians. And we all know which side of the aisle that will be.”

Tit for tat. PPFA pumps in $50 million dollars (it’s actually probably more) and in return the Democrats in Congress keep the gravy train running smoothly.

“I don’t expect the Democrat Party to change its DNA,” Bomberger tells us. Why should they? “Corporate America is bowing to them. So-called ‘‘religious leaders” praise them as some kind of savior. Our nation’s radically pro-abortion teachers’ unions have united with them. The WNBA donates to them. And Hollywood and music celebrities help create tall tales for them.”

One other insight. “Here for a reason” the annual report’s mantra.

“Of course, it has nothing to do with every individual being here for a reason, “Bomberger points out. “Planned Parenthood has eliminated millions of those who were meant to be. No. It’s Planned Parenthood’s assertion that they’re here for their declining patient base. PPFA claims in the document that they’re fighting for ‘health and race equity.’ Perhaps stop being the leading killer of black lives.”

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