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This has to be read to be believed

by | Sep 19, 2022

By Dave Andrusko

You might have missed it, because most newspapers and television stations have buried the many, many examples of hatred, vandalism, fire bombing, spray painting, and glass breaking committed against Pregnancy Help Centers around the country.

Which is why, I suppose, this headline grabbed me: “Unknown group washes chalk off sidewalk from abortion rights event, ‘Chalk for Choice.’”

“Washes chalk off”?! Yup, that it’s.  Stay with me on this one.

According to Mary LeBus, the “Ohio Pro-Choice Movement hosted a chalk message event outside of the Clermont County board of elections and Republican Party building on Saturday afternoon.” People wrote “their messages, stories and feelings about abortion up and down the sidewalks in the heart of Batavia’s political scene.”

“After the event was over, an unknown group of teenagers and 2-3 adults began washing the chalk messages off the sidewalks,” LeBus wrote.

How can mere vandalism, fire bombing, glass breaking, and so forth possibly compare to the “violence” committed against a defenseless sidewalk?

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